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My niece and nephew are the same way. I never talk to anyone anyway.. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could. I took it as a challenge. Instead of making things easier, kids and some adults need to learn discipline and real learning. On the other hand, the spectrum represent a public resource and needs to be managed to the benefit of as many people as possible. Maintaining artificially high standards to their use simply because it satisfies the egos of a small minority with elitist notions is simply unsupportable.

At one time, radio was just about the only outlet for people with an interest in electronics or pretty much anything engineering related. Today, there are many outlets for that sort of interest, so interest in ham radio decreased. With the lowering of the entrance requirements, ham radio started to attract people who were interested in communication more than the engineering aspects.

I remember hearing a lot of people on two meters who worked as dispatchers, etc.

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These people are often great assets in times of emergency. Yes, ham radio has changed, but some of it is for the better. I am the founder of No-Code International, the organization that lobbied for the end of code testing internationally, and eventually got it. It just means you can communicate competently using the most primitive form of modulation, interrupted-carrier radios, when other people might use radiotelephone, PSK31, etc. I would actually have been for an increase in the technical test, and would still support one now, but that has not been generally supported by the Amateur community.

We were watching the decline in Amateur licensees, and we could see a point where ham radio would end, and it was in our own lifetimes. I am only talking about the technical aspects of the tests,. Home constructed amateur constructed and field constructed commercial transmitters still can interfere with other licensed radio service. I really doubt few could pass a written amateur radio license exam without deliberate study. The form of the callsign being related to the license class has changed over the years.

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At the time K2AMH was originally issued, it could have been issued to any class other than novice. Sort of like how you used to be able to tell where someone lived by area code, but then number portability happened. For me, my initial callsign meant nothing to me. This heals me back from an advanc d class of license until requirement for code was eliminated.

Ask Dave 9: Assigning Amateur Callsigns

I then passed all the tests for Extra. You can use the dash-numeral too, for things like an APRS weather station or packet gateway. What does BM stand for?

Amateur radio call signs

Well the station I most frequently am heard on is this one:. I was dropped off at the ferry terminal, travelled by ferry across Moreton Bay to the terminal at Cleveland, rode to the train station, caught the train to Roma Street then rode home from there. Thanks for the laugh! The actual explanation is much more prosaic.

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And lets not dig into all those special-event calls, in the beginning they were fun to chase and get a diploma for, but it seems today there is specialcalls for every russian saint, every bigger sporting event, every city celebrating a jubile, and a lot of other events. With that said, I once ran a special event call, and it was fun for a while to be hunted on the bands, atleast until the hunters started to email and demand scheduled contacts to gain points on their diplomas :D.

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Once the signal was spotted on the cluster it was non stop action, and I even lost my voice on occasions. I think I made a bit over contacts with that special call, and the QSL cards are still flooding in. Would I do it again? Probably not, atleast not in the near future, am I glad I did it, sure, it was fun. Should others try it, absolutely, atleast once. Currently I hold a General class license.

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  4. My goal is not to have a home HF station until I have built it myself. I do have a 20M trasciever I attempted to build from a kit but it has transmitting problems. Anyway… was a completely different time in my life. I like my old call and have no desire to change it. I have happy memories associated with it. Just to be picky someone will probably correct me on this — e.

    This only applies to certain radio licences. I have a Canadian Restricted Operator Certificate Maritime and no call sign; the call sign is the name of the boat I happen to be on. On another note — my uncle was a ham and I remember listening to broadcasts in his radio shack as a kid. It was amazing when I was 8 years old. I never got the hang of Morse code in scouts I was better at flag semaphore than Morse. It was always in the back of my mind to get into it, but I never have. I respect what you guys do. Kansas in one of those States where on can have the same call on passenger vehicle and on truck.

    Instant access to more than 1. Completely free with no subscription required. Universal version designed for both the iPhone and iPad. In the United States, licensee information is publicly available from the Federal Communications Commission. For users who wish to correct, update or delete your license data as it appears in this app please visit the QRZ.

    COM website. I wrote to the developer of the app.

    How to Find Your Ham Radio Call Sign

    Initially, VoiceOver was having difficulty reading some of the buttons on the bottom of the screen, and some other small accessibility issues. The programmer was extremely responsive to my request, and has completely fixed all VoiceOver accessibility issues! What a wonderful job was done by the app developer. I installed this app and it was awesome until last night. Now no matter what call sign I put in it says not found I can go to history and click on one from there and it still says not found. Bahamas issues call signs without a separating numeral.

    They are assigned the C6A—C6Z block, and the '6' is part of the prefix. Examples are as found on QRZ. The suffix can be from one to four characters subject to ITU exclusions above. Whereas for ITU purposes the prefix does not include the separating numeral, for country purposes often the separating numeral is included when the prefix is referred to.

    A country can consist of many DXCC entities depending on its geographical make-up. As political boundaries change through treaty or warfare, sometimes call sign prefixes are reassigned by the ITU to the new controlling government, or are reassigned by national governments for other reasons. Some call sign block ranges are unassigned by the ITU, e.

    Any call sign used by an amateur in these unassigned block ranges usually had it assigned to them by a group with an unrecognized national claim. In addition, during their period of independence from the Republic of South Africa , which lasted in some cases from —, the Bantustans had prefixes not recognized by the international community. These were:.

    Any country or ITU prefix assignment can have many entities within it. For example, in the United States Hawaii with 'H' as the second character of the prefix and '6' as the separating numeral and Alaska with 'L' as the second letter of the prefix are considered different DXCC entities, as are Sable Island and St. Paul Island in Canada. DeSoto's landmark QST article defining a "country" as a discrete geographical entity.

    It refers to a list of saltwater islands worldwide maintained by the Radio Society of Great Britain , which assigns a unique code to an island or group of islands, like EU for Great Britain , OC for Australia etc. In many other cases there is no direct relation between the callsign and the IOTA code. Ham radio operators in the United States may apply for a specific callsign, including calls from other zones, so long as they have the appropriate license class for the desired callsign format.