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When a married couple legally files for a divorce, and the event occurs, divorce records are filed under state vital records.

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These documents can include: a divorce certificate, divorce decree, and divorce record. Which documents are available for public viewing and copying varies from state to state. Divorce records can sometimes be stored at a county level, or state level.

There were over 32, divorces and annulments in Pennsylvania in Marriage records are also handed out by government officials after the wedding is registered. Few marriages were recorded before the year in Pennsylvania. The records that are around before this time can be accessed by looking through church records. Some cities did begin recording marriages from the early s, and most counties began cataloguing these records in You can request records by contacting the Marriage License Clerk at the County Courthouse of the relevant county. There were over 73, marriages in Pennsylvania in Birth certificates are issued upon the birth of every child in Pennsylvania.

However, the term birth certificate can also refer to a certified copy of the original. Despite not needing to be recorded before this point, some county and clerks offices still catalogued records as early as the s. Birth records between and are currently kept at the Pennsylvania State Archives.

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Birth records copies of people above the age of years can be requested by the public. Earlier records can only be requested by relatives, although the public can still view the records.

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There were over , births recorded in Pennsylvania in There was a state-wide registration of death records introduced in Pennsylvania in County courthouses should have copies of those records on file, and many have also been stored on microfilm at the Pennsylvania State Archives. There are indexes available, which are organized according to county name, event, and year. The State Library of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Historical Society of Pennsylvania each have microfilmed copies of some of those records available. The city of Philadelphia recorded deaths and births that occurred between and In the later parts of the s other cities also recorded vital records.

However, there are gaps in many of those records. Some of those delayed recordings go back as far as the s. Some of those records are available at the Pennsylvania State Archives.

In colonial times Pennsylvania did not require marriage licenses. However, there were several marriage bonds issued, and some of the information for the years of to has survived. That information has been published in series 2, volume 2 by the Pennsylvania Archives.


The date of the bond and the names of the parties are listed in the records. Pennsylvania Archives series 2, volumes 8 and 9 contain early marriage records from churches. However, there are many records available that can be good substitutes for those records, such as justice of the peace records, newspaper records, census records, church records, inscriptions from grave markers, and other notices.

The county court of common pleas holds most records of divorces in Pennsylvania in The clerk who handles those records is usually the prothonotary. The Statutes at Large from colonial Pennsylvania only contain records of two divorces. One was granted in The other was voided in During the Revolutionary War and after it ended, the General Assembly had the power to grant divorces.

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They were generally granted on the grounds of adultery. From to the supreme court also had concurrent jurisdiction over divorce cases.

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Divorce papers. Do not send cash. Later records will eventually be added to this collection. Records of stillbirths were required to be filed as both a birth and death record, so you may find records of stillborn children in this collection. I Pennsylvania Vital Records, Vol. Forgot Password. Please enter your email address or username below. Please Signup.